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seo meta tags
Written by Vojkan

Now it’s time to perfectly optimized page for better ranking and CTR!

This gig is the best way to ensure that your site and internal pages in the perfect manner for user search queries when someone searching for the kinds of products or services you offer.

Your page SEO meta tags are frequently pulled to form the snippet that appears whenever your pages are listed in the natural search results, the content you include in these areas can play a major role in your ability to attract visitors from the SERPs.

I will give you detailed report about the points listed below.

Keyword Research Included:

  • Top 5 Keywords for page
  • Keywords searches
  • Keywords competition

SEO Meta tags Included:

  • Meta Title Tags
  • Meta Description Tags
  • Meta Key words Tags

Finally, I will try my best to understanding your customers and predicting which terms they’re actually typing into the search box and give you best SEO solutions.

Please Note:

  • 1 Gig = 1 Page Only
  • You must have live website for this gig.
  • Only English language and NO forbidden websites.
  • 100% satisfaction and privacy guarantee.

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